Falls Church City Nature Photos
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    nature photos to us so we can
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Left, a Gray Squirrel in a Virginia Ave. yard
cleaning his teeth with a little peanut butter
"toothpaste"! Sent in by an
EarthWatch family at St. James School!
(Photo: Brad Mills)
(far left) The Trammell Branch of Four Mile Run after in the
recent snow. (middle left) It's normal for rhododendrons to
curl up in very cold weather, like these are doing; they'll
spring back as soon as it warms up. (above) Any Operation
EarthWatcher knows that this is
not a healthy tree -- the
vines growing up the trunk and branches of this Falls Church
City tree are keeping the tree from growing.

These three photos were sent in by Falls Church
Operation EarthWatchers John and Neal.
(above) "Last year we bought some new native trees to plant on our
North Oak St. property. The city arborist was very helpful to help us
find quality and healthy specimens. Due to weather we had a short
delay in getting the trees in the ground. When we went to move the
Willow Oak it was discovered that a family of robins had moved in. We
were very careful with the planting after that."  These photos were
sent in by the Pelaez family of Falls Church (
Operation EarthWatchers).
(above) Bamboo in a Falls Church yard
in winter.  Although it is beautiful,
bamboo is very invasive and can keep
native plants from growing. Instead,
try a native plant that has a similar
look, such as a tall native grass.  This
photo was sent in by the Stricker
family (
Operation EarthWatchers).
Another squirrel enjoying life in Falls Church! Photo
sent in by the Dutta family (Operation
Above, this is what many trees in
Falls Church looked like after the
cicadas left in the summer of 2004.
Sent in by Cole, a Mt. Daniel
Operation EarthWatcher.
Above and below. Sunsets from Channel Terrace, Falls Church (Photos: Llori Stein)

Below, photo of a 2004 cicada sent in by the Loyd
family (Operation EarthWatchers).